25 Epic Photos That Will Make You Need to Elope

Pack your luggage and visit one of those remarkable elopement locations!

Back in the day, the expression “elopement” often awakened a loony, spontaneous dash into the chapel or a quick visit to the town hall to save a dime or two. Nowadays, elopements are considered much less taboo and also a much more personal choice to all of the whistles and bells of a conventional wedding. On top of that, they no longer require an Elvis impersonator (unless that is your thing, naturally!). If the mere idea of wedding preparation, the high expenses of this event, or walking down the aisle facing several eyes is enough to make you shudder, then the closeness of an elopement is most likely right up your street.

And why not? Eloping has become a more popular, posh way for couples to express themselves. It is more romantic, more economical, more stressful, and you can exchange your vows everywhere, which adds an adventuresome part and a special bonding experience that you won’t get from a traditional affair. Whether you opt to go halfway across the planet or keep local in town, or anything in between, the great destinations are possibly the most overwhelming portion of eloping. When picking a place, consider a place that’s special to the both of you. Are you considering trekking? Think about the Grand Canyon. Do you both have origins in Italy? Jet off to Tuscany. Are you both nature lovers? Tie the knot at the jungles of Costa Rica. Meet in your area? Decide on a location nearby which provides a skyline of your town.

As soon as you’ve obtained your place settings, make travel plans beforehand; if you are eloping at a foreign country, this involves researching the neighborhood marriage requirements ahead. And remember your officiant (if using one) and most importantly, your photographer to catch the special evening with some magnificent shots. If you are not sure on eloping just yet, these contemporary elopement photographs are reason enough to convince you.


Dylan Howell


Yosemite National Park is a timeless elopement place for obvious reasons — portraits shot here is like a painted masterpiece.


Angie Diaz Photography


Seaside elopements can not get a lot more magnificent than the craggy black rocks of Makaluapuna Point at Maui, Hawaii, offering a stunning and edgy picture.


Darren Roberts Photography


The craggy shores of Iceland make a surreal and stunning backdrop. Juxtapose with Mother Nature by sporting an elegant red dress similar to this fashionista bride.


India Earl


The silent Sedona desert, as well as its reddish hued stones, elicits a feeling of calmness and awe, which makes it a reverent selection for a romantic elopement.


Cassandra Ladru Photography


This bunch dared to climb high to get a bird’s eye perspective of Santorini. Whitewashed buildings along with the dark blue of the Aegean Sea provide up to a timeless Greece setting.


Erich McVey


The center of Oregon’s wilderness is shrouded in character’s tranquility and simplicity as a result of a dense woods along with the divine magic of a half moon.


Dawn Photo


Utah’s Salt Flats could be barren. However, they offer you a glossy vibe and placid backdrop that manage to appear breathtaking, which makes a perfect setting for your indie bride.


Darren Roberts Photography


We do not blame this fashionable bride and groom to get eloping in Lake Louise in Banff National Park — it ‘s hard not to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding thick evergreens, snowy mountains, and glassy turquoise waters.


Priscila Valentina


This couple exchanged their vows on the edge of a cliff in Horseshoe Bend, and we can not consider anything more magical than its vertical sunsets along with watercolor canyons. Paired with a tribal published blanket, it is the ideal place for your bohemian couple.


Clayton Jane Photography


A Paris elopement is all timeless love, particularly with a photo of the Eiffel Tower in the background plus a contemporary chic black bridal gown filled with drama. What else could you expect from the City of Love?


Erich McVey


Big Sur’s rocky shore and misty haze produce a mysterious ambiance for a scenic shot.


Chrononauts Photography


It is only the light sea breeze, bright sunlight, and cries of the seagulls on Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The jaw-dropping Gatklettur Arch Rock in Arnarstapi is arguably some nature’s greatest architectural work, giving an excellent elopement spot.


Apel Photography


The lush vegetation of Bali’s rainforests generates a harbor ripe for seclusion and intimacy, hauling elopers into a different planet. We particularly love the cultural signature of the wooden bridge.


Jordan Voth


Arizona’s iconic Antelope Canyon is similar to walking into a pond geode. Ablaze with extreme colors, its moody setting is a fantasy for the unconventional couple.


Ed Peers


The beaches of Playa de Las Catedrales at Spain set the platform for intimate love with laid back, whimsical vibes. The sun does not always need to be shining to become lovely — gray skies and seas mimic the neutral, sepia colors of the stones and the sand to get a look resigned in time.


Phil Wenger Photography


Behold the beauty of the Swiss Alps — rolling greens and snow-capped peaks, finish with a fuzzy fog and luminous light to get an ethereal texture.


Shutter Bliss Photography


A perspective similar to this opinion from Mt. Watson at Lake Tahoe makes for some killer vision. A broad stretch of sky and towering trees offer you a humbling view plus a grand showcase for a both expansive love.


Perry Vaile Photography


Soaring Redwoods will be the perfect canopy with this particular couple’s love, providing a comfy and earthy vibe which happens into a woodland bride.


Angie Diaz Photography


The salt water fields and abundant forests of Hawaii are brilliant in color, building a dream place for the couple having a sense of experience.


India Earl


Nothing states bohemian chic such as the otherworldly terrain of Joshua Tree National Park. There is nothing about the bright sunbeams and dryness of the desert which retains a little bit of magic.


Koby Brown


In the grand canal and complex structure to a sleek speedboat and glamorous red gown, this Venice elopement shot looks like a picture still.


Amber Vickery


California’s hazy, glowing light in the setting sun casts this Pfeiffer Beach portrait at an enchanting glow. Together with all the tides rolling in and footprints in the sand, this stunning photo has a charming charm.


Darren Roberts Photography


The royal views of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, seem like something straight from a fairy tale.


We’re the Rowlands


Basalt stone formations and choppy black waves of the North Atlantic Sea make a deep, meaty love.


In the Daisies


The frosty peaks of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado awoke a winter charm for a few phenomenal imagery.


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